Reduce the Steps in Traditional AP invoice processing…

By Implementing SnapAP’s Electronic Invoices (E-Invoice)

Converting from paper based invoicing to elecrtronic invoicing, or E-Invoice as a process immediately streamlines the lifecycle of an invoice in your business operations. 

The change is dramatic from the moment your Supplier enters their Invoice, as a conversion of the previous electronic purchase order, through to the automated ePO now eInvoice approvals process. The final step is archiving the details of the ePO/einvoice to SnapAP’s always available online cloud storage; completing a total purchase to pay process without any paper involved. At this moment, the gain in efficiency from an e-invoice method is measureable in saved manual hours of staff time and accelerated payment transfer to suppliers. It’s all good and SnapAP makes it better by providing an integrated set of steps from beginning to end.

SnapAP’s e-invoice module, which is actually a converted PO in the SnapAP procurement process allows for tens of thousands of more invoices to be processed per year without any additional staff. The enhanced productivity is accomplished while also reducing the overall cost of of your purchasing and payment operations.

Your longterm gain in AP efficiency and elmination of  time

spent chasing lost or mis-filed paper-based invoicing

allows your staff to work on more value-added tasks.

With SnapAP implemented you spend less to do more.

The very definition of efficiency.

The big payback from using e-invoices as part of your electronic procure to pay process is the opportunity created for your company to grow as well as prosper.

The prosper part comes from executing a scaleable component in the critical role of procurement that positions your business to be more effective in completing often complex purchasing programs with ease. You also gain cost control as well as the capability to capture every promptpayment discount available from your suppliers.

SnapAP’sautomated procure to pay software solution makes the whole procurement

and resulting invoice payment process simple, from E-Invoice to Supplier Payment.

Done and done!

E-invoicing Delivers Better Invoice Processing and Stronger Management Control Over All Purchasing Decisions.

audit_togetherWhy eInvoices Work for Businesses:    Becasue capturing and organizing all the moving parts of traditional AP processing and the information required for invoice payment approvals can be a real challenge.  AP automation offers relief from a lot of fixed as well as uncontrollable costs from mistakes and even even fraudlent attempts to submit false, unauthorized invoices for mistaken payment.

By converting to paperless SnapAP’s automated electronic invoicing allows for faster, more precise invoice processing. E-invoices are a core feature of a totally integrated, end to end procurement to payment platform.

How SnapAP Works:  With SnapAP installed, your e-Invoice is sent automatically to the appropriate team members for review and approval. Everything required for each step in your workflow is custom entered into your company’s dashboard from the answer your provide our onboarding team by answering a few basic questions about your existing invoice approval process.

How SnapAP Can Work for You:                            SnapAP’s careful documenting and tracking

of the invoice flow for payment approval provides greater visibility into your business cash flow…

and does so at a much lower cost to your business bottom line than doing it the old fashioned way.

  • SnapAP works for you 24/7, and for as many years as your business exists by invisibly saving you time, effort.
  • SnapAP’s Procure to Pay application reduces your anxiety over where your money is going, and to whom, when, as well as for what.
  • With SnapAP payables track and trace always on, everything you need to know about your purchasing spend in order to ask why, should that review time arrive as part of an audit trail, is at your fingertips by mouse-clicks.

Using SnapAP Accounts Payable software reduces inbound calls from Suppliers.

Reducing supplier telephoning for updates on cheque status is actually a really big feature of e-invoicing as part of an integrated Procure to Pay.

SnapAP learned about this value because AP invoice processing veterans groan during a software demo when they talk about the incessant ringing of the phone, or today email requests for updates on critical supplier invoice payments.

  • With SnapAP, your designated suppliers use their authorized access to their Supplier Portal login.
  • Your Supplier’s Portal page login is provided by your SnapAP software configuration as part of your subscription, and is available at no cost to your supplier beyond acccepting to be onboarded as an authorized or approved suppler.
  • Any and all of your suppliers regardless of size or geographic location can access your internal progress on their eInvoices payments online 24/7 from any connected device screen.
  • Each PO status, or invoice pending payment, or simply researching previous invoice settlement amounts and term documents are available to access and view as to their current status at any time of day or night, anywhere in the connected World.

SnapAP Bonus Feature:       Your suppliers are not required to download any special software on their networks,

or face internal security issues for access because SnapAP’s proprietary Supplier Portal is web-browser-based.

Your suppliers secure login allows them to only see the transactions between your company

and their company in a completely transparent manner.

Uniquely in the competitive Procure to Pay marketplace, SnapAP does not impose any costly enablement or access fees associated with the dedicated onboarding of your supplier network. Providing our best application features for you and for your suppliers is the least we can do to make your transition to e-invoicing a pleasant and easy one.

Experience your Supplier Portal yourself during a P2P Dashboard Demo with a member of our e-Invoice Processing Team.

SnapAP also offers a handy invoice processing cost calculator to begin calculating the possible projected savings from converting to an e-invoicing platform from a paper based approach.

Please fill out a few short question and use  SnapAP’s Invoice Cost Calculator. Your payback is almost immediate and definitely long term.

As SnapAP often says to our customers: the money you save is your own.

Electronic Invoicing means:

  • Eliminate any use of paper and avoid the need to scan or convert paper into digital files
  • Electronic Invoices entered by your Suppliers
  • Automated 3-way matching
  • E-Invoice Approval from anywhere
  • Computer to Computer electronic Invoices
  • No more Supplier Statements
  • Accurate Invoice tracking
  • Improved audit review process
  • Increased consistency in the Invoicing process, with quick access to Invoices based on internal and external audit requests
  • No duplicating or overpaying Invoices
  • No more late payments
  • A more environmentally-friendly way of doing business

Automated Invoice processing means accelerated Invoice processing. SnapAP is dedicated to making the E-invoice process seamless and simple.

Ready to start saving?